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​          Hello, and welcome to Between the Banks, the longest airing fishing television show in Louisiana history. We produce 52 new shows each year. You can watch us the web, from this site directly, or on cable television. The channels we air on are LCN (Louisiana Connection Network), Charter Communications, Vision Communications,Cox Cable in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, RTC, KTC, and Eatel Communications. Not only is Bob Gourgues the show's Host, but he is also the Executive Producer. He has over 55 years of Fishing experience. He is also a Co-Chairman for the Leeville Fishing Village and Cultural Preservation Commission. All shows are recorded out of Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel in Leeville, La.

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​  Capt. Bob started Between the Banks on November 10th, 1978. Over 1500 globally aired episodes and still counting! He is one of the most respected Fisherman in Louisiana History... He has successfully competed on circuits like BASS, Southern Kingfish Association, IFA Redfish Tour, Billfish circuit, and Area Tournaments and Rodeos.

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Louisiana's Highest Rated Fishing TV Show...

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Over 38 years of televised

         fishing history.

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